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The Shape of Crab Feed 2022

as of 8 November 2021

During the last 19 months, we have been learning to manage new levels of uncertainty in our lives, and right now, the Mendocino Knights of Columbus Crab Feed Committee are doing our best to preserve this event’s next appearance, scheduled for January 21st and 22nd, 2022.

As you may know, we canceled our 2021 event because we correctly anticipated a wintertime surge in Covid numbers, and expected that our County Health Department would not be allowing indoor gatherings on our traditional scale. We queried our regular audience1, many of whom have attended the Crab Feed for longer than we can remember, and you unanimously supported our decision. Many of you, recognizing that the nonprofits we support through Crab Feed proceeds still operate (and are likely struggling, like the rest of us, with survival during Covid), sent in generous donations. Thank you.

We are presently optimistically planning to hold a Crab Feed in 2022, although, with new summertime California Covid cases nearly triple last year’s2, we are praying for a miracle.

Whatever happens going forward, we will abide by our County Health Department’s Orders3 in effect at the time of the event. At this time, it is impossible to predict what those will be. As in 2020, when planning for this year’s event was abandoned, our primary concern is the health of our attendees and volunteers. Given the existence of a vaccine, and what we have learned about “spreader events,” we believe, at this time, that we can plan a safe and successful event for the end of January, 2022.

Obviously, there will have to be changes. Like you, we missed the camaraderie and joyful spirit of the Crab Feed this year. The puzzle we are trying to solve: how to preserve as much of that spirit as possible in the face of a continuing health threat that is especially acute for you, our audience1.

Ticket sales will be delayed until (at the earliest) November 10th, 2021, so that we will have slightly better insight into what the situation will be in late January. We understand that this overlaps with your busy holiday season. We will probably offer a reduced number of tickets for the sit-down event at Crown Hall; we hope to be able to offer a take-away Crab Feed package for those of us who are uneasy about indoor dining with a group. We will be strictly following all Mendocino County Health requirements.

We are trying to keep our messaging concise, but we know that many of you will want deeper insight into our thoughts and sources. Here are the footnotes:

  1. We are adopting heightened precautions when planning. We have analyzed our audience, and know for a fact that you, our treasured guests, are about half “local,” meaning from Mendocino County, and predominantly Northern Californian, with clusters from the North Valley and Sacramento, Sonoma and Marin Counties, and San Francisco and the Peninsula. We know anecdotally (and by looking around the planning table) that we are not young. Therefore, we are attending to California-wide statistics and trends, and assuming that you are, or consider yourselves to be, at elevated risk if you become infected.

  2. We are basing our decision, in part, on the New York Times' California New Case tracking.

  3. Mendocino County Health Department’s current Orders may be found here:

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